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Hypnotherapy audio tracks

Serving Newmarket, Cambridge and beyond.

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Audio track MP3 recordings

Melanie Davies Mind Solutions hypnotherapy audio tracks have been created to give you a high-quality home hypnosis experience. Maximum benefit will be gained by listening with headphones. 

This is what you can expect on each recording:

✔ A warm, friendly, female voice with a standard English accent

✔ Relaxing music to accompany the therapy and increase the state of relaxing hypnosis

✔ Professional recording and editing quality

✔ Progressive relaxation for hypnotic induction

✔ Structured hypnotherapy track with suggestions focussed on a specific issue

My gift to you is this FREE DOWNLOAD created to help relieve stress. Simply enter your email for the download link to be sent and then you can access the track, relax and enjoy!

The gift of relaxation

Why not treat a friend or loved one to one of our relaxation packages? Buy a gift card online today or get in touch to discuss any of our services.

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