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Overcoming Approval Seeking:
Susan’s journey to self-worth and fulfilment.

happy and confident

Susan sought my help to break free from persistent self-doubt and a perpetual sense of discontent. Driven by a lifelong belief of inadequacy, she relentlessly strived to prove herself, resulting in excessive work, chronic stress and an inability to unwind. Susan recognised she drew her sense of self-worth primarily from external sources, especially authority figures at work, intensifying her anxiety and over-thinking.

Together we worked to calm Susan’s nervous system, so she was able to gain more control over the physical symptoms of anxiety and clear her mind. Through hypnosis, Susan was able to rid herself of negative thinking patterns and began to recognise her considerable achievements and abilities.


She began to notice a shift in her thinking patterns at work and was much more able to manage her professional relationships with confidence and mental clarity.

Susan’s inner sense of self-worth grew so she was able to recognise her achievements and abilities without feeling the need to compulsively seek external approval to prove herself.


She has now moved to a new job and tells me she feels fulfilled and happy in herself.

Sleep Solutions:
Steve’s success story in overcoming insomnia

Steve came to me struggling with his sleep. He explained it often took him two or three hours to drift off and then he’d often wake in the night, sometimes lying awake for up to a couple of hours. Eventually, just as he managed to settle back to sleep, the alarm would go off and it was time to start the day. He told me he was left feeling “like a zombie”, exhausted and with “a short fuse”.


The problem had been going on for a few years, and despite leaving a very stressful job, he had not been able to return to a healthy sleepy pattern. With a new job starting, he was concerned that he would not be able to give of his best unless he could sleep better.

Together we explored Steve’s daily routines and identified areas where he could make small changes to reset his circadian rhythm and prepare his body to sleep more naturally. I taught Steve  a number of self-help techniques that brought him into a deeply relaxed state, so he was able to train his body and mind to switch off. He went away with an audio to help develop his practice independently.

The very next day he sent me a messaged to announce the good news… “I had a full seven hours sleep last night!” Since then, he continues to sleep much better, has started his new job and is enjoying life feeling energised and refreshed.

sleeping man

Rediscovering Happiness:
Liz’s journey to anxiety relief and emotional healing.

confident at work

The first day Liz arrived for her consultation, I could see how anxious she was. Simply coming to talk to me was a huge step for her. She had been brought by her grown up daughter to make the trip more manageable. Liz described how her anxiety had grown increasingly overwhelming since lock down, plaguing her body with uncomfortable physical symptoms of panic, worrisome thoughts, and a strong sense of dread about venturing out to other places. This debilitating anxiety had caused her world to shrink, making it impossible to meet her grown-up son in London and share enjoyable outings together.

As our sessions unfolded, it also became evident that Liz carried painful, unresolved grief from her childhood when her mother had died. Over the course of four sessions, Liz was able to explore the power of her own mind, finding ways to manage her physical symptoms of anxiety and replace her negative, fearful thoughts with a newfound confidence and calm. By sensitively addressing her deep-seated grief, Liz was able to cherish the memories of her mother in a positive light, resolving the unspoken pain she had carried for so long.

Months later, Liz shared with me the lasting sense of relief she feels, and she is now able to remember her mother with a sense of peace. She not only coped with recent bereavements with resilience and positivity but has also expanded her horizons: no longer confined close to home, she embarked on three holidays and numerous trips to London and beyond.  Equipped with effective tools to manage her anxiety, Liz now enjoys better sleep, a renewed sense of energy and the ability to celebrate the daily joys of life.

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