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Hypnotherapy for Individuals

Serving Newmarket, Cambridge and beyond.

Appointments are available in person and online.

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A proven track record of success

Melanie Davies Mind Solutions based in Newmarket provides a range of effective

hypnotherapy and mindset services to empower you to achieve your goals,

improve your health, happiness and habits. 


Browse this page for an outline of my services for individuals and

get in touch today to see how I can help you.

Once we have had a chat during your FREE consultation, I can determine

the best programme for you.

As each person is different, I create bespoke solutions on a case by case basis

to ensure your needs are met.

A full quotation is given for fees before you decide to proceed.

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Hypno – curious?

Have you ever wondered what it might feel like to be hypnotised, or simply want to experience this deeply relaxing sensation without any therapy? I offer rapid hypnosis experiences, for those who just want to enjoy the experience without committing to a specific package or course of therapy. These light-hearted, uplifting sessions last around 45 minutes and can be bought as a gift that you may give to yourself or a friend. No therapy is included, so a consultation is not required beforehand.

Hypno - Curious

Worries, Stress and Anxiety.

It is natural from time to time that we all experience worries and stress. Sooner or later, life throws challenges at all of us. Our natural “fight or flight” response is designed to kick into action so we can respond appropriately. 

A little bit of stress is actually good for us, as it can help build resilience and stimulate your cognitive function. Moderate stress even stimulates production of a chemical in the body called interleukins, which boosts the immune system to protect against illness. The stress response is a normal biological function designed to keep us alive and safe.

However, sometimes our system gets out of balance, and we are not able to return to a calm state after something difficult. Chronic stress has a negative impact on our health, from suppressing our immune system to affecting sleep, causing physical pain, inflammation in the body, digestive disorders and high blood pressure, to name but a few. 

Anxiety is an exhausting condition to live with. It may occur because of chronic stress, or a response to a physical or emotional trauma. You may feel that your mind and body are stuck in the constant flight or fight mode. Some people may experience this as panic attacks, which can be very distressing. Carrying anxiety can have a negative impact of your quality of life – you may feel you are constantly hiding your feelings, pretending to be fine when you are feeling lonely and lost, afraid to do things and unable to relax and find peace. 

The good news is that there are lots of ways to help you conquer anxiety, so you can regain control of your emotions and enjoy the life you deserve. The mind solutions and hypnosis techniques we will use together will leave you feeling empowered and able to shake off those anxious feelings and build up your resilience and confidence.

Worries, Stress and Anxiety

Sleep Solutions

Good sleep is the foundation of our physical and mental health, yet many people report trouble sleeping. For some, it is a temporary situation, just an issue for the odd night or two, but when sleep problems are ongoing, they pose a threat to all aspects of our lives. 

Poor sleep impacts many things:

  • The ability to think clearly and function well at work.​

  • Low mood, anxiety and depression.

  • Ability to emotionally regulate ourselves and our relationships.

  • Appetite and disordered eating habits. Health – chronic low levels of sleep have been linked to dementia, heart disease and diabetes. 


As a sleep consultant, I will help you explore the practical issues that may be impacting on your quality of sleep. These may include discussing your routines, diet, bedroom environment and supporting you to make any necessary changes. I use a combination of breathing and physical release techniques that will help you access healing relaxation and re-establish good sleep cues. Hypnosis and guided visualisation will also help you embed these new habits so that you will be able to enjoy deep, restorative sleep and the improved quality of life that it brings.

Sleep Solutions

Pain Management

With any physical illness or discomfort, there is always an overlay of mental and emotional response. It is not always possible to determine exactly where one thing stops and the other starts, but there have been a number of studies to indicate that hypnosis and relaxation can have a positive impact on helping people manage their pain. 

Before working with a client to relieve pain, it is necessary to ascertain the cause of the pain. This is because new pain may be a signal of a health issue that needs attention. For this reason, I may ask you to check with your GP or medical practitioner before we work together.

Once the source of pain is identified, hypnosis can be an effective method to give you coping mechanisms that can work alongside or independently from other forms of pain relief. Simply learning how to relax and release tension from your body can have a powerful effect on reducing cortisol in your body. By reducing cortisol, you can reduce inflammation in the body and allow the immune system and body’s natural healing mechanisms to function more effectively.

I have undertaken additional training with specialists in the psychology of chronic pain management, so that I can offer you the very best range of solutions to alleviate persistent pain.

Pain Management.

Trauma Recovery

Traumatic events can happen at any time in life and are unique to the individual. Two people may experience the same event but respond in very different ways. Sometimes, the effects are not obvious at the time, but are stored in our mind and body. These can become triggered by subsequent traumas and events, affecting our emotional, mental and physical health. Common symptoms of trauma might be anxiety, flashbacks, panic attacks or disassociation, where you just feel numb and unable to function. 

The wonderful news is that our brains have the capacity to change and continually develop. This is called neuroplasticity. Using a range of solution focussed techniques and hypnosis, you can create new neural pathways which can help you heal from this past pain. I help you re-frame your response to the trauma, and find new ways to manage your emotions, thoughts and behaviours. This approach is not psychotherapy and does not require you to talk at length about the pain or re-live traumatic events. In fact, some techniques do not require you to talk to me at all, so it is possible to receive help for an issue without having to share all the painful details. Once I have a basic overview of what you want to achieve, I can offer therapeutic suggestions for you to work through privately in your own mind while I guide you through the session.

Trauma Recovery

Personal and Professional Growth

Life is a journey of uncertainty – all that we know for certain is that there will be change. This may be as simple and natural as the ageing process or can be accelerated by unexpected events which are beyond our control. Many of us find change is uncomfortable and at times quite frightening. This causes us to avoid it, remaining stuck in old behaviours and thinking patterns that hold us back. At the root of this are our emotions and subconscious habits. I can work with you to remove these bocks so that you can overcome any obstacles which hold you back. This might be through building self-confidence, eliminating self-defeating habits, or motivating you to set and reach new goals. With a combination of coaching, solution focused strategies, and hypnosis, I have helped people make powerful shifts in their mindset so they can achieve whatever they have set out to do and enjoy fulfilment in their lives.

Possibilities for this are endless but here are a few recent cases:

  • Improving confidence to speak fluently at interview and gain career progression.​

  • Changing drinking habits to reduce alcohol intake and enjoy better health.

  • Overcoming procrastination and improving money mindset.​

  • Eliminating the need to people please.

  • Building confidence to tackle difficult conversations while remaining assertive and calm.

  • Developing concentration and focus to improve performance at work. 

  • Reducing time spent on social media to reduce anxiety and be more productive.

  • Smoking cessation.

  • Improving the ability to manage stress successfully.

Personal and Professional Growth


As a Mind Management Consultant, I offer a range of approaches

to help you reach your desired goals.

Hypnosis is probably the most powerful and the least well understood of these techniques, so I have made this video here to help you find out more:

Weight Loss

Virtual Gastric Band

Gastric band logo

The amazing Virtual Gastric Band programme is a non-surgical treatment
that allows you to eat small portions of food and feel satisfied. It is NOT a diet.

Diets don’t work. Most people who follow a traditional dieting system will lose weight whilst they are on that diet. But, as soon as the diet stops, the weight invariably returns, often leaving them heavier than before the diet began! It is estimated that 95 percent of all people who diet experience this cycle. Most diets include some form of deprivation or denial, some involve counting calories or points, but all this does is to programme the mind to think about food. The result - the brain and the body fight against it.

Because most eating habits are deeply engrained in the subconscious, the VGB approach deals with the source of the issue. This programme employs a virtual gastric band and other mind management techniques. It will enable you to form new habits that you can maintain. There is no deprivation, so you are liberated from having to think about food all the time. You will eat consciously, be able to enjoy your food and listen to your body. The result is steady, progressive, and sustainable weight loss - without dieting. Treatments are delivered in four weekly sessions and can be one to one with enhanced personalised focus, or accessed in groups with a common goal.

I am certified to deliver the protocols developed by internationally renowned hypnotherapist, Sheila Granger. Clinical trials of this programme showed 95% success rate.

Give me a call to arrange your no obligation consultation and take the first step to a healthier, slimmer and happier you.

Fees & Packages: About Therapy
Fees & Packages: About Therapy

The HypnoMenopause® Approach

Hypno menopause

As a fully trained HypnoMenopause® Practitioner, I combine hypnosis, mindfulness and CBT to help women manage their experience of perimenopause and menopause in a completely natural way.


Menopausal symptoms can last for a number of years and vary from disturbed sleep, low mood, feelings of irritability, stress, anxiety, change in metabolism and eating habits, loss of self-esteem, hot flushes, discomfort during sex, and loss of libido to name but a few. In clinical trials, hypnotherapy has been shown to alleviate hot flushes by up to an incredible 74%, in addition to helping mood, sleep and sexual function.


HypnoMenopause® is designed to work for women at all stages of this process, whether they're perimenopausal or post-menopausal.  It is suitable for those unable to take HRT as well as being compatible with a variety of hormone replacement medications. 


HypnoMenopause® was featured in Psychologies Magazine. Following a five-session programme, journalist Clem Felix wrote, “I feel energetic and am looking forward to the future with real excitement for the first time in years. For now, at least, I feel a long way from needing HRT”. I trained directly with HypnoMenopause® creator, Dr. Claire Jack, who writes regularly about the menopausal transition for online magazine, Psychology Today as one of their in-house experts.


Hypnobirthing draws upon the principles of self-hypnosis, relaxation, and mindfulness to help you navigate the birth of your baby with a sense of calm and control. Bespoke sessions address any anxieties associated with childbirth, replacing them with a deep connection to your body and your baby. Through gentle hypnotic techniques, positive affirmations, and information about your body’s natural ability to give birth, you'll be empowered to shift your mindset, manage your journey through labour, and develop calm, confident coping strategies.


This approach is suitable for all types of birth. Sessions will be tailored to meet specific needs according to your medical situation and personal preferences.

As a fully qualified antenatal teacher, I offer additional sessions for active birth workshops with partners, as well as one to one sessions for birth companions who may have concerns of their own they wish to address so they can be confident as they offer support for the birthing mother.

Performers and Competitors

  • Do you have an important audition or competition coming up?

  • Perhaps you have a long running show or series of competitive events that you need sustain peak fitness and energy levels for?

  • Did you know that mental rehearsal is a proven technique that has helped highly successful performers and athletes achieve peak performance?

Join the club of highly successful performers and sports stars who have benefitted from hypnotherapy:


  • Highly successful athletes who have used hypnosis to enhance their success include Tiger Woods (golf), Michael Jordan (basketball), Eric Heiden (Olympic speed skater) and Wayne Gretzky (hockey).

  • Performers who have used hypnosis include Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone, Julia Roberts, Reese Witherspoon and Kevin Costner.


Give me a call to arrange your FREE no obligation consultation and find out how I can

help you reach and sustain success.

This video explains how hypnosis can help with all kinds of performance. You may be a professional actor, dancer or singer who needs a boost to get through auditions or a long run of shows; or perhaps you are a competitor who is looking to hone performance to reach the peak of your game? Preparing for a driving test or a presentation can be daunting, but hypnosis can calm nerves and increase focus to make sure you thrive on the day and are able to give your best performance. Watch this video to learn more.


Book a hypnotherapy package today

Book a hypnotherapy package with Melanie Davies Mind Solutions today. I am based in Newmarket and serve the surrounding area including Cambridge as well as the rest of the UK and worldwide online. Contact me today to get started!

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