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Mind Solutions for Educational Performance

Serving Newmarket, Cambridge and beyond.

Appointments are available in person and online.

Maximise your performance

Melanie Davies Mind Solutions based in Newmarket delivers expert mind solutions techniques in educational settings to help students and teachers to achieve their potential and enhance well-being.



Melanie Davies Mind Solutions is developing a new Programme to support Teacher resilience and well-being as a response to the recruitment and retention crisis.


Contact me today to find out how your school can be part of this.

Download our brochure for The Educator’s Mindset Solution: A unique programme for well-being, professional development and stress management to retain and nurture healthy, resilient educators.
Contact me to find out how I can support staff in your school, college or university.

Performance Enhancement for Educational Success

Exams can be high-stakes, stressful events for students of all ages at all levels of education. Whether it is a practical driving test, a series of academic exams like GCSE or A levels, finals for your degree, or professional exams such as medicine or accountancy, or finance, I can help you prepare for success.

Mind Solutions guidance will ensure that you understand how your brain and memory work best, so that you can revise in the most effective ways. Mental rehearsal and relaxation techniques will help you embed highly effective study habits, clear your mind and focus so you can face the exam day with confidence and calm.

Give me a call to arrange your free no no-obligation consultation and find out how I can help you succeed.

Fees & Packages: About Therapy
Fees & Packages: About Therapy

Teacher efficacy and well-being

Teaching is a demanding and high-stakes profession. Retention of qualified staff continues to be a challenge with 44% of England's state-school teachers plan to quit by 2027, according to the latest NEU poll. Protecting teachers from stress and burnout is crucial to ensure that children are taught by healthy, happy staff who can give their best.


Mind Solutions can work with your staff in teams or individually to empower them to release stress and manage workplace challenges in a healthy way, resulting in a reduction in sick leave and an increase in well-being and performance.  Happy, healthy teachers teach better lessons. Happy, healthy teachers build better relationships with students. Happy, healthy teachers stay in the profession.

Teacher efficacy and well-being packages are tailored to suit the needs of each organisation. Contact me to arrange a call to discuss how I can help staff in your educational setting.

Book mind solutions for education

Book performance enhancement for education with Melanie Davies Mind Solutions today. Based in Newmarket I serve the surrounding area including Cambridge as well as the rest of the UK and worldwide online. Contact me today to find out more about my packages or to book.

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